Morning Trek To Arches

Moab, Utah


We woke up at 4 in the morning to start our hike up to the Arches. It was the first time I've ever visited a National Park, and I couldn't wait to see the morning light reveal its glory. Our group was the first ones up there, and we had the opportunity to rest and enjoy the sunrise.

Because I had the opportunity to experience this moment with one of my favorite photographers, Garrett King, I really wanted to capture a similar style to his muted color palette. I think the beauty behind a muted style captures the essence of story telling. The colors are there to compliment the meat of the work -- the photo itself. I've always switched up editing styles, and kept over-saturating my photos, but I found myself doing that simply to cover up the lack of content within my work. With muted colors, the user is able to focus more on the experience of the moment within each capture.

As the sun peaked over the horizon, we all got in place to capture the glory of the Arches. I was utterly amazed at what stood before me, and I'm incredibly thankful I was able to experience this time with a great group of creatives.

Khristian Vinca

Adventure Photographer based in Oahu