The place I can call home. Though this island is one of the most isolated places on earth, the warmth of the community has nurtured me into becoming the man and I am. I cherish everything about this island, from the friends I’ve met to the places I’ve been. There truly is no place like home.

Take a peak at the undiscovered world that captures life under the sea. The waters of Hawaii are filled with life and energy, yet has the power to calm the soul. I seek to capture the unexplored beauty that most visitors to the island may be unaware of.

Los Angeles is filled with good food, golden sunsets, and great friends. Experiencing the melting pot of cultures continues to inspire me and helps grow my love for everything about this city. I hope to visit here as often as possible.

Moab has captured my heart. Not simply for the amazing landscapes, but mainly for the people there. I traveled here for a photography workshop and had the opportunity to meet such an amazing community with creatives all over the continent. I came to learn, yet what I came out of it was much, much more: friendship.

I’ve lived in Black Mountain for 16 months while I studied the Liberal Arts and Entrepreneurship under a Godly worldview. I would go as far to say that this place has done incredible work from pulling me out of my childish endeavors and pushing me toward becoming a man after God’s own heart. I’ve grown in ways that words can do no justice, and it wouldn’t have been so if it weren’t for the community that surrounded me with constant support and love.

The Blue Ridge Parkway was the go-to spot to see the beauty of the world and the people who live in it. From early sunrises to late nights, I’ve shared countless stories, experiences, and friendship atop this parkway. My favorite activity would be driving up the parkway late at night and experiencing the beauty of fellowship with my classmates. I’ve exchanged countless stories with strangers while sharing a fire under the starry night.

While I was studying in North Carolina, my school took a mini ‘study abroad’ trip. We ditched our campus for a month and spent time on the side of a lake. This month brought a pivotal realization into my life: to understand how important community is. We enjoyed meals together, studying together, relaxing together, and simply living life together. The laid-back nature of this setting brought back peace and tranquility that I couldn’t find in the city.

Italy was the first time I’ve traveled overseas. This was the actual study abroad trip I took with my school while I was in North Carolina. Our purpose was to study the history, reasoning, and value of fine-arts. My experience there will never be forgotten. We explored the cities both day and night, while meeting new friends, tasting authentic foods, and refining our faith. Italy helped to correct a misunderstanding of mine. I no longer saw the world as a vast place with so many different people; I started to see the world as a small speck in the array of voided space. I thought a culture that was on the other side of the planet of my home would vary extremely, but while I heard their stories, I realized how similar we are — this ‘barrier’ of culture and distance no longer felt impenetrable.