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my purpose


Finding my identity has been a struggle these past few years, especially with the onset of various distractions ranging from instant entertainment to the addictive social medias, but fortunately I’ve finally identified four key components of who I am and what I do.


My four identities can be related through the beautifully complex, yet simply elegant shape: The Tetrahedron. Each vertex acts as its own individual point in space, equally spaced out from the rest, yet provides the support and foundation to create the three-dimensional structure.

The following serve to authentically reflect my unique characteristics and my talents. I’m a storyteller, a spirited teacher, a strategizer, and most importantly: a social servant.

I’m a Storyteller

I’ve caught myself identifying as a freelance photographer and videographer, but that was too much of a handful to say. Yes, I was able to communicate the idea of what I did, but I tried to think of what I actually did. Technically, yes, I took photos and took videos, but what was I really doing? I was sharing a story. The heart of my passion and work is simply to share the stories of my clients, friends, and personal life. Experiences are what make each person a unique individual, and thus, I seek to tell these stories in a creative and effective form.

I’m a Spirited Teacher

The common connotation for a teacher is someone who went to college and studied under their professors to obtain a teaching degree. I’d like to point out that I’ve done none of those things.

So why call myself a teacher? Simply because I love helping people learn. As an avid learner myself, I’m constantly consuming knowledge and information, but constant consumption will end with a bloated stomach. So what I’ve learned is to balance consumption (learning) with production (teaching).

I’m a strong believer that everyone is a teacher. Whether it comes to academic studies, creative thinking or business principles, I seek to help others learn. I take a holistic approach toward being a life coach.

As a storyteller, I’ve found that some of the best ways to teach is by simply connecting it to a relatable story. Don’t forget that as children, the best way we learned about values were through stories.

I’m a strategiST

Strategy is the single most important thing in any endeavor. You can use strategy to win a board game, cook a pizza, or run a multi-million dollar corporation.

The term business consultant sounded a bit too corporate, thus I sought to reinvent that title as a strategist. I’m not just consulting, I’m constantly working to find a unique strategy for success — a game plan.

As a storyteller, I’m able to help convey value through easy-to-understand experiences and analogies. As a spirited teacher, I help express the path to your end goal with clarity while coaching you along the way.

I’m a social servant

Finally, I identify as a social servant, which is the synthesis of a story teller, spirited teacher, and strategist. You may understand a social servant in a more familiar word: an entrepreneur.

Through stories, I’m able to convey the values and mission of my business endeavors.

Through teaching, I lead my peers toward success, both in their vocational and personal life.

Through strategizing, I find a way to make an idea come to life.

The idea of an entrepreneur is not simply creating a business, obtaining large amounts of wealth, and retiring in your early 20s. The idea of an entrepreneur is to serve your society, your community, and your peers.

The basics foundation of our economy is a value exchange. If money is the end goal of an entrepreneur, then a quick path toward success may sabotage that value exchange. This is the sole reason why I call myself a social servant as opposed to an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur exists to undertake risk for a higher reward. A social servant exists to undertake servant-hood for a greater impact in his/her community.