IG Workshop: Identify Your Niche

Identifying your niche

  • What type of creator are you?  

    • Before you even start thinking about content creation, you have to know your strategy of what type of work you’ll be showing to the world. Some accounts have grown huge overnight through the magic of social media. Why? It’s because they found their niche, approached their demographic, and prospered.

    • Make sure that your followers can instantly know what type of creator you are! Otherwise, they won’t bother to follow you.

      • Think about the accounts you love: Why do you follow them? You follow them because they produce consistent content. You follow them because they don’t have 3 posts about dogs and 5 posts about airplanes and 1 post about cooking. Each Instagram account that has a huge following will have a niche.

  • Are you a Photographer? Videographer? Artist?

    • Now go deeper. Go into specifics: what is your niche?

    • Sports photography, Underwater photography, Portrait, Lifestyle, Landscape.

      • Finding your niche is important because that’s the demographic you want to target.

  • Why target such a small demographic?

    • There’s this paradox in the world: the more narrower your niche is, the bigger audience you find. Yes you can be an all around photographer, but think about what types of photographers brands reach out to. ESPN won’t reach out to an “all around photographer” who does a little bit of everything; no, they reach out to sports photographers.

    • Think about it like this: the more narrower the field you’re in, the less competitors there will be — which directly translates to: more clients for you. Try to have fun and add as many adjectives/add-ons to your title. “I’m an underwater gold-medalist olympic sports photographer who takes photos of female athletes”. Narrower your niche, the less competition.

    • But remember, less competition does not mean it’ll get easy. If anything, it’ll get harder now because you will have a handful of experts that you’ll be competing with.

This will also help with reaching out to the right brands.  You don’t want to reach out to a sports brand if you only do landscapes and are unfamiliar with your niche. I’ll work on creating a separate blog post on the topic of brand outreach.

Khristian Vinca

Adventure Photographer based in Oahu