How to Literally Change Your Life

Changing Your Life is one of the most sought after topics in today’s media. I’ve seen a pattern within best selling books: they’re mostly all self-help books. Our society today is so caught up in self growth, yet some books fail to empathize with their audience and fail to give technical steps in finding desired results.

This blog post was inspired by Alex Becker’s video that is linked below. He touches upon how A.I. learns, and correlates INPUT & OUTPUT with CONSCIOUS & SUBCONSCIOUS thinking. I recommend listening to the first 25 minutes of this video to gain a better understanding of what I will be talking about.

The brain provides many questions to scientists today, yet there are still many patterns we can decipher while analyzing and studying it. Becker helps paint a picture of how the brain learns through providing a broad concept of how A.I. learns.

The most important factor (which will be today’s topic) is on INPUT and OUTPUT. An A.I. can only output an input. We can extrapolate this idea to our own lives in order to find the success we truly seek.

Take a good moment to reflect on all of the input you’ve received today. There’s a lot, and quite frankly, you won’t even be able to mention every single input, simply because there are billions of factors that are involved. Becoming more aware of what information is inputting into your brain will help create the necessary change you are seeking.

There are 5 main types of input that I’ve discovered: What you SEE, What you HEAR, What you EAT, What you SMELL, and What you DO. Oh hey look, these all correlate to our senses! Good observation: these are all related to your sense because your 5 senses are the sole channels to how you interact with the world.

Let’s start off with the input of SIGHT.

What you SEE defines what you CREATE. Examples of what you see can range from social media to the golden hour sunset. Understanding what exactly you are SEEING helps grasp what you are CREATING. By utilizing your conscious to control what you see will help with what you create.

Some positive channels of visual input: Creative storytelling (in the form of photo or video), natural beauty (landscapes), reading, etc.

Some negative channels of visual input: Violence, destruction, and on a lighter note, memes.

Understanding what type of visual input your are feeding your brain will give you a better grasp of what visual output your brain will be creating.

  • Input: Sights/Visuals. Output: Creation.

Our second channel of input is SOUND.

What you HEAR defines what you SAY. Examples of what you hear can range from gossip to the chirping of birds. Understanding what you HEAR helps grasp what you are SAYING and THINKING. Ideas flow both visually and auditorially. This is why ‘brainwashing’ affects both the eyes (through the hypnotic flow of moving geometric shapes) and ears (through the repetitive chants or sounds). When understanding how brainwashing works, we see that brainwashing is a very controlled form of learning: limiting the input of what we see and hear.

Some positive channels of auditory input: Classical music or music with positive melodies, speeches, audiobooks, etc.

Some negative channels of auditory input: Negative melodies or music with harsh language, gossip, lying, insults, etc.

  • Input: Sounds. Output: Speech.

The following channel of input is our DIET; what we EAT.

What you EAT defines how you OPERATE. We’ve all heard the phrase “trust your gut”, but only recently have scientists found that our stomach influences our mentality. Treat our stomach well, and we are able to effectively think. Treat our stomach poorly, and we find ourselves lacking the strength to meet project deadlines. This gut-brain connection can be utilized to foster creative and critical thinking. Next time you try a new diet, don’t just look for physical outcomes — look for mental outcomes as well.

Positive food for thought (like my play on words?): Food with nutritional value, hydration

Negative food for thought: Candy, nutritionally-lacking snacks, artificial sugar, various chemicals

  • Input: Diet. Output: Energy and Efficiency of Operation.

The next channel of input is what we SMELL.

Not many are aware of the types of scents they are consuming, but smell plays a huge part in EMOTION and MOOD. Different types of aromas will vary from person to person, but these scents will affect how you feel, whether you are conscious of these effects. “Those smell cells in the nose are linked to the limbic system - which in evolutionary terms is among the oldest parts of the brain - which governs emotions, behaviour and long-term memory.” (

Aromas will vary from person to person, but a rule to follow is: Natural odors will provide more benefit than chemical odors. If you find yourself in a chemically-filled environment, make it a priority to take a fresh breath of air outside.

  • Input: Aromas. Output: Emotion & Mood.

The last channel of input is what you DO.

The brain is constantly molding itself through making connections, reinforcing connections, and relieving connections. We are constantly learning things and “unlearning” things. We need to take control and become aware of what we are consciously learning. These actions can be summed up in the concept of: habits. Every day we are reinforcing an old habit or reinforcing a new habit. The brain is operating with immense power every second, whether we realize it or not. Understanding how we learn is vital to how we can succeed.

Habits can be beneficial, such as exercising, meditating, or making sure you’re doing X every day. Or habits can be harmful, such as complaining, gossiping, excessively sleeping, etc.

A habit will take around 66 days to develop, while a habit will take around 21 days to unlearn. If you can force your conscious to take on a new habit for 66 days while also enforcing yourself to unlearn bad habits for 21 days, you will continually grow yourself into success.

In summary, the only way to find yourself in success is to ultimately grow in yourself. You may blame your failures upon the external world, but the stories of many millionaires who were once homeless may prove otherwise. Take the responsibility upon yourself to realize what you are allowing to penetrate your brain. You will never be able to output something that was never input into your brain. Therefore, if success is the desired output, then start inputting everything that revolves around success. This can be in the form of books, TED Talks, natural aromas, exercise, and positive habits.

Khristian Vinca

Adventure Photographer based in Oahu