The 5 Most Crucial Business Development and Growth Books

Whether you like to read or not, you need to. Though many find it a chore, reading is one of the most efficient ways in gaining knowledge, wisdom, insights, and understanding.

There are three ways of learning: A priori insight (reasoning), A posteori knowledge (experience), or Observation (learning from someone else’s mistakes). Reading falls under either a priori insight or the latter category of observation.

Within your journey through the business world, you are required to learn from all three in order to grow as an individual, a leader, and a business. Therefore, I’ve created the most crucial list of business development and growth books that have helped myself and countless other individuals.

  1. The Win-Without Pitching Manifesto, Blair Enns

4. Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, Douglas Davis


Khristian Vinca

Adventure Photographer based in Oahu